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The college organises the different extra-curricular activities through the different associations and forums.

Literary Association :
Literary Association is established by the language departments of our college, i.e. Marathi, Hindi & English Departments. The main object of this association is to create awareness of socio-cultural values among students. It organises different activities concerned to language, literature and culture. The association publishes wallpaper ‘Shabdankur’ periodically and magazine ‘Yashodhan’ annually. In Fact, Literary Association is a major platform for the exposure of the hidden literacy potentials of the students.

A Geographic Forum :
A Geographic Forum runs by our Geography Department with the motto of ‘Earth is Worth’ to ingrain basic geographical concepts among students and prepare them as soldiers of Earth Saving Mission. A forum tries to apply Geography for personal and social well being and to synthesise the gap between physical and human phenomena. We celebrate various Geographical occasions, organise guest lectures on different topic and also recreational activities for students through this forum. Apart from that, forum works on problem oriented surveys and organise research oriented programmes too.

History Study Forum :     
The forum of Historical Study was established by the Department of History in July 2012. It promotes students for research work in the context of Indian History. It also empowers student to cope up with the challenges of globalisation. The forum creates awareness of the Indian Culture, Archaeology, Ancient Script, tourism guideship, etc. amongst the students. It organises study tours to historical places, lectures on the historical events, exhibitions of archaeological articles, etc. The main object of the forum is to preserve the socio-cultural values of the day.

Commerce Association :       
Commerce Association was established in June 1987. It organises various activities such as visits to industries, banks and co-operative societies, lectures of eminent businessmen, educational tours, etc. These activities provide the practical knowledge in the field of business to the students. The main object of the association is to make the students acquainted with the modern areas in the business, to make them ready to face the challenges of globalisation and privatisation.

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